Valentine week list 2021

The second month of the year i.e. February is very special for lovers. In the second week of February, a special examination begins, which every lover has to give for his love. Some people get excited during the preparation of this examination, while some people stay a little nervous. Actually it is necessary to pass every paper of this exam lasting seven days. The most important thing is that during this examination, if caught cheating, severe punishment can also be given.You do not have to worry too much during this examination, keeping this in mind today, we are telling you the exam time table. With this time table, you can prepare your exam well without any confusion. Let’s see which days to prepare for which paper .

valentines week list 2021
valentines week list 2021

Which day is Happy Rose Day?

How do you wish your friend a rose day?

Why is World Rose Day?

What does Happy Rose Day mean?

1st day Rose day (7-feb-2021)

Starting on the seventh of February, the first day of this examination is known as Rose Day. Like this, this paper starts with the fragrance and beauty of roses. On this day, lovers express their love by giving roses to each other. If your heart is beating for anyone and you have not been able to tell them your condition yet, then you can say all your things through a rose on this day. Keep in mind that love is expressed only with red roses.

happy rose day images
happy rose day images

2nd day proposal day (8-feb-2021)

Propose Day is celebrated on the second day of examination i.e. 8 February. If you have a lot of love for someone and want to tell them about this, then without delay, propose them by hitting them on the occasion. If you have already proposed someone and are in a relationship, then take them on a great date.

Happy propose day images
Happy propose day images

3rd Day Chocolate Day (9-feb-202)

Chocolate has been an important part of people’s lives for the last 200 years. Whether to remove stress or to express love to someone, chocolate is used from different excuses. Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 9, the third day of love. On this day, lovers feed each other chocolates so that sweetness remains like chocolate in life.

Happy chocolates day 2021 images
Happy chocolates day 2021 images

4th day teddy day (10-feb-2021)

Like a teddy bear, the heart is also very weak and delicate. To make the heart feel soft, teddy bears are gifted to each other on the fourth day i.e. 10 February. However, girls like this stuffed toy more. Sleeping, hugging Teddy, talking to him is very pleasing to girls.

happy teddy day 2021 image

5th day promis day (11-feb-2021)

It is harder to love than it is to keep it. Promise Day is celebrated on February 11, the fifth day of the examination in February. On this day, lovers make a special promise to each other for life.

6th day Hug Day (12-feb-2021)

On the sixth day of examination, February 12 is celebrated as ‘Hug Day’. It is a day to embrace each other and show love. The biggest feature of this day is that on the pretext of a magic hug, we get a chance to know how much the front person wants us, what is there for us in his heart.

happy hug day 2021 images
happy hug day 2021 images

7th day kiss day (13-feb-2021)

To express love without words, a loving kiss is enough for this. In this examination also, on the seventh day i.e. February 13, every loving couple express their love by kissing each other .

Last day valentines day (14-feb-2021)

If you find an excuse to party in a run-of-the-mill life, what else would be the bigger thing. In the same way, even though we express love everyday, celebrating it one day becomes a boss. Valentines is the same day

happy valentines day
happy valentines day images 2021

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